Unit-Dosed Awesomeness!

Unit-Dosed Awesomeness!

Now that I’m a more seasoned pharmacist, I appreciate the little things throughout the day that make my job a little easier. Right now there isn’t much that makes me happier than discovering a drug solution that is now stocked in pre-filled unit-dosed cups. When I walk into the pharmacy aisle expecting to find a bottle of solution to pour into an amber bottle, but instead find those beautiful little blue cups, I have to somehow resist from doing my happy dance in the aisle.

No more do I have to scour the pharmacy for the last remaining bottle of levetiracetam solution. Running out of 4 oz amber bottles and settling for a 16 oz bottle to pour 10 ml’s of solution into will no longer be a problem. The days of the safe telling me my milliliters count for the remaining promethazine with codeine in the bottle is wrong (due to a lazy coworker not knowing how to subtract prior to my usage) will be a thing of the past.

Hooray for unit-dosed cups!!!

…until they’re on back order, of course.


(Image: www.healthmark.ca)

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