Welcome to the Geek-Friendliest Pharmacy Blog

friendly-pharmacist1Hey folks and welcome to the SciFi Pharmacist Guy weblog!

First things first, introduction…I’m a full-time pharmacist as well as a full-time geek. Outside of pharmacy, the majority of my spare time is spent reading science fiction novels, learning about new tech gadgets coming out, collecting comic books, and taking part in other heroic hobbies . Years ago I dabbled in web design so it makes sense that all of this would someday come together in the form of a blog.

My primary goals for creating this blog are to provide tips and suggestions for individuals who are seeking a job within pharmacy as well as to discuss the happenings within the career. Please feel free to ask questions or suggest topics for discussion.

In addition to this, I’ll be posting about my favorites (and least favorites) in all things I find interesting, including science fiction, baseball,  Doctor Who, fantasy novels, etc.

So I hope you all enjoy!

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